Freestanding bath
functional and contemporary

Functional and contemporary, with highly versatile aesthetics, materials and finishes, Karol bathtubs are characterized by innovative colors which enhance their shapes and give them a leading role in the bathroom space. Every bathtub can be produced in a two-tone version, selecting in the many available Karol colours, glossy or matt finish.



KStone. Versatile, malleable, unchanging over time: these qualities make Kstone, a mineral and resin mix, the perfect material for the bathroom, as it is hard-wearing but sophisticated, available both in glossy or matt version. Its eye-catching appearance will satisfy even the most demanding customer.

KSolid. Made of a mixture of acrylic resin and mineral substances, Ksolid is a bespoke material that exudes sophistication, is silky to the touch. Ksolid is perfect for contemporary products and has a very appealing matt finish. Ksolid gives to our products its own unique identity and style.
Kcryl, our acrylic material, has many qualities: it is highly durable, it does not change over time and has a brilliant, uniform finish which makes cleaning quick and easy. Kcryl safety and beauty stand the test of time.