Maintaining roots in tradition
while looking at the future

Karol aims at decorating the bathroom with style and elegance as well as with personality and functionality, with a particular attention to the contemporaneity of its collections and to innovation, developing at the same time the research for new technologies and materials. The brand, founded in 1980 as high-level bathroom furniture reference, has conquered in the years a leadership position that today, thanks to the integration inside the holding Synergia, is going to strengthen also in the Bath+Shower area.


Made in Italy

Karol is the expression of a culture rooted in the history of its homeland
In its mission, the furniture is considered a real furnishing piece able to give personality to the room thus offering high functionality properties. This is the real power of Karol brand which was founded in 1980, and which has conquered a leadership position in high-level bathroom furniture market.


Elegance, style, functionality

The modules gives our customers the opportunity to create their own composition and to organize the internal space of the cabinets with internal fittings and accessories.