Shower collection

Karol presents the shower space as a true furnishing element, capable of giving personality to the environment by offering highly made to measure and special functional and innovative solutions.


Profile and glass

Profile. Karol’s ability to use new materials, finishes and treatments on profiles instills a sort of new soul to the shower space, transforming it completely and giving it an even more personal identity when the chosen finishes are matched with the finishes of the cabinet or the top. Glass. In the shower space designed by Karol, a brand known for being a trendsetter and for having introduced innovation in the bathroom, glass finishes become a distinctive trait, both when you choose simple colors, elegant textures and decorations or when you prefer nuances from interior design latest trends.




Through a unique production process, Karol creates an innovative coloured glass where the bottom nuance gradually blends into a new one, thus giving new emotions and values to glasses.
Nuance glasses have a timeless, elegant charm and can transform the shower space into a unique piece of furniture.






The passage of time does not affect the elegance and beauty of Karol shower space when glass is Timeless®: a very high quality solution that guarantees maximum transparency and neatness, shower-after-shower, year after year.


Timeless® is a long life mineral treatment that doesn’t lose its effectiveness, hence it doesn’t need to be renewed periodically. Timeless® is very easy and quick to clean, it doesn’t need particular maintenance nor detergents; to the combined action of limescale, soaps and corrosion, thanks to the invisible magnetron deposition that keeps the glass perfectly smooth and clear over time.